An oil of Renown

The Lancelier en Provence vintage is all about passion. Magali pampers her olive grove so that its produce meets the standards of excellence of the PDO of the Baux de Provence Valley.


Produced as part of a century-old cooperative of more than 450 olive growers, the olives of Lancelier en Provence are pressed at the mill in Mouriès. There, the olive juice is released in accordance with the most detailed rules to provide top-quality fruity green and fruity black olive oil.

0-Oustaou de Mouriès

The olive grove

Lancelier en Provence honors traditional expertise. It is on the side of a hill, dominated by scrubland and sheltered from the wind by the Alpilles and where the weather and the seasons are intertwined, where the olive grove comes to life at Mouriès.

Here, we have carried out reasoned cultivation and the crop is harvested manually in the interest of respect for the environment.

The trees are in the image of those who collect the harvest, contemplating the decor and breathing in the aroma of an air embalmed in peace. Six hundred feet dot the olive grove for the start of a collection that is controlled, almost secret…


1956: The cold snap that swept through the Baux Valley wiped out most of the olive trees known for their unique olive oil. This is a valley that is so unique that the olive trees were able to rise again, at the foot of their respective stumps.


The 1956 Lancelier en Provence vintage is a tribute to the power of a nature that is as strong as it is beautiful.

The grove includes the five typical varieties of olives of the Alpilles (the Salonenque, the Verdale, the Béruguette, the Grossane and the Picholine)).

The precious“Green Gold  of the Baux Valley comes from their subtle blend selected by the skill of our miller.

Our Shop

The bottles of the 1956 vintage are the reflection of a minutiae and an authenticity specific to olive oil from the Baux de Provence Valley. They have an easy to use spout and a leaflet tied around the neck of the bottle gives you specific advices for “Fruity Green” and “Fruity black” olive oil.


You can order here Lancelier en Provence olive oil

You can also taste and buy our oil by appointment in our Mas located in the heart of the village of Mouriès* –

*Mouriès, dear to Charles Aznavour, is the first olive district in France.

Sublime Flavours

Lancelier en Provence olive oil Extra Virgin is an enhancer and brings out a natural, authentic taste.


The fruity green

Obtained by pressing the olive within 24 hours of harvesting, the fruity green is the benchmark for oil. It releases the aroma of freshly-cut grass, raw artichoke, almond, apple or tomato leaf.

It is the ideal accompaniment to bring out the taste of salads and crudités, carpaccios, providing a delicate hint of flavor to grilled meat. It is even used to sublimate fresh cheese.

The fruity black

The fruity black is the product of controlled maturation and fermentation sheltered from the open air for four to six days. This oil brings together an aroma of truffles, mushrooms, black tapenade and sourdough bread …

In cuisine, it can be used in stews such as ratatouille and Pistou soup; in delicacies, it can also be used to transform mashed potato, fish and even a chocolate dessert.